to do list 3Let the Time Fairy take care of your to-do lists and mundane tasks.  This will free up your valuable time so that you can do the things that you want to do.  There is no job too big, too small, or too unusual, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Here are some suggested services – these are only examples, and not an exhaustive list.    

Help at home

All the jobs on your to-do list that you avoid that never get done

Eradicate my errands

The things that take up valuable time, or that need to be done in your work hours

Parent support

Anything to ease the challenge of parenting

Find and book

Researching for the best deals, arranging different quotes or making bookings for anything

For example:

  • Organising
  • Housework, washing, ironing etc
  • House sitting (including pet care and plant watering)
  • Decluttering
  • Spring cleaning
  • Simple DIY jobs
  • Assembling flat pack furniture
  • Finding services (cleaner, gardener, decorator, etc)

For example:

  • Car repairs, servicing and MoTs
  • Posting packages
  • Bank deposits
  • Drop off and pick up dry-cleaning
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Taking your pet to the vet
  • Dog walking
  • Key cutting
  • Buying gifts for friends or relatives

For example:

  • New parent support (an assistant to help in any way you like)
  • Behaviour management
  • Parenting support and advice
  • Helping you set routines
  • Basic First Aid and CPR for babies/children
  • Finding a childminder, preschool, nursery, school or babysitter
  • Homework help for your children
  • Collecting children from school or activities

For example:

  • Time out: such as a holiday, trip, hotel, etc.
  • Services: such as a cleaner, gardener, decorator, repairs, etc.
  • Leisure: activities such as a theatre trip, spa treatment, golf lesson, etc.
  • Appointments: such as dentist, doctor, optician, etc.
  • Party planning
  • Wedding plans

Wait in for...

When you can’t take all day off work for a delivery or service

Shop for me

All your shopping needs taken care of

Organise me

Helping you to get more organized and efficient

Rescue me!

Helping out with emergencies when you can’t take the time off work, or are running late

For example:

  • Delivery of packages, appliances, furniture etc.
  • Repairs to your appliances, etc.
  • Quotes for repairs or home improvements

For example:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Shopping for gifts
  • Ordering groceries for home delivery
  • Researching the best deals on items such as appliances

For example:

  • Organising your growing pile of paperwork, bills, mail, etc.
  • Organising your cupboards, wardrobes, drawers and rooms
  • Helping you to create and prioritize your to-do list
  • De-cluttering
  • Simplifying processes to save time

For example:

  • Taking a relative or child to an appointment
  • Taking your pet to the vet
  • Being at your house for an important delivery
  • Collecting your child from school if you can’t get back in time

Moving house

Taking some of the stress out of moving out or moving in to your new home

Care for someone

Quality care for your relatives or friends who need extra support

Save me money

Saving you time and money, or helping you to make some extra cash

Business support

For those who need some extra support but do not want to deal with payroll complications and costs

For example:

  • Researching the area before you move
  • Finding your local services such as shops, doctors, gym, school, etc.
  • Finding local groups or clubs that you are interested in
  • Assist with packing and unpacking
  • Booking your removal van
  • Exploring your new hometown with you, helping you to meet new people

For example:

  • Quality care for children (see ‘About me’ for qualifications)
  • General assistance, supporting people in any way they need
  • Attending appointments together
  • Helping with form-filling and understanding mail
  • Respite for you as a carer
  • Companionship and outings

For example:

  • Selling on EBay, Amazon or local sites
  • Getting you a range of quotes for repairs, home improvements, etc.
  • Comparing quotes for insurances, etc.
  • Researching prices for items you wish to purchase
  • Comparing information on several service providers
  • Researching the best holiday deals

For example:

  • Proofreading and editing documents
  • Data entry
  • Creating policies and procedures
  • Researching your competitors
  • Mystery shopper for your organization
  • Organizing your receipts for your accountant
  • Making travel arrangements