How it works


I can help you in many different ways.  Jobs can be done from my office, at your home while you’re working, or with you, providing an extra pair of hands to get things done faster and easier.  Time can be booked for regular time-slots (e.g. weekly), on an ad-hoc basis, or in an emergency situation.


…about what you would like to be done for you.  Have a look at the services page for some common jobs that people ask for.  Remember there’s no job too big, too small or too weird!


…what you would like done for you and how much time you would like freed up.

Contact me

Phone me or fill in the form and let me know your ideas.

The Time Fairy

…will call you to discuss your ideas and book your hours in.  Time can be booked any time of day or night to fit in with your needs. If you would like to meet me in person, this can be easily arranged.


The Time Fairy will start taking care of your jobs.  You can relax, let go of your stress and start making the most out of your life.