10 Top tips to save time

10 Top tips to save time

We all could do with more hours in the day. So in keeping with the subject matter of saving time, this is a really quick list of time saving tips, in no particular order.

make lists

  • Figure out what your biggest time wasters are – once you know what they are you can either stop doing them, change how you do things, or limit your time spent on them.
  • Live by routines – it may be boring but it makes your life more efficient, and you have to think less, feeing up your mind and some time!
  • Plan Fast_Forwardyour meals – this will save you time and money (see previous post on meal planning).
  • Record your favourite TV programmes – you can watch an hour’s programme in about 40 minutes if you fast-forward the adverts.
  • Make lists – keep them simple and it keeps you focused.
  • Live by the “two minute rule” – if something should take less than 2 minutes, do it straight away. You’ll spend two minutes finding your list, writing it down, reading the list, and putting it off again, and it won’t even be done!
  • Set your clock or watch 5 minutes ahead – ok, so this doesn’t save time, but it helps prevent you from being late!
  • Say “no” – sometimes you need to say no, or you’ll get burned out. Give yourself permission to say no every now and then.
  • Delegate – the ultimate in having more time – get other people to do things for you!
  • Pre-make breakfast the night/week before – for example, buy individual yogurts, and prepare 5 bags of muesli or fruit to add. Or make up pancake mix/scramble the eggs, ready to cook in the morning.

egg scramble

I hope that you’ve found these tips useful. Perhaps you have some of your own to share with other readers…don’t be shy! And if you want to do some delegating, that’s what The Time Fairy is for!

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