How to organise your home for your cats and keep it stylish too!

How to organise your home for your cats and keep it stylish too!

Today’s post is a little different… For those of you who know me personally, you will immediately know why I couldn’t resist posting this! I do have a bit of a reputation for being a crazy cat lady – yes I love cats, but I only have three of my own. I guess it’s the 150 or so that I’ve fostered for Cats Protection that gives me this label…

Anyway if you like cats, read on. If not, hopefully my next post will be of interest to you!

If you love cats but find all the equipment that they need to be unsightly, then you must look at this! Here is how to keep cats AND a beautiful stylish home. Will it save you time? Only the time it takes to yell at the cat for using your sofa as a scratching post! Will it reduce your stress? Possibly. Having a cat reduces stress for starters! Does it look awesome? Definitely!

Stylish design for classy cats
Stylish design for classy cats by Terrys Fabrics.


What do you think? The helter skelter worries me a little!

I love it but I have a sneaky feeling my cats might do something like this…

cat logic










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