Declutter or keep? Why not a bit of both?

Declutter or keep? Why not a bit of both?

As we live our lives, we do new things and go to new places. We buy things and receive gifts.  Inevitably we start to grow our belongings. One day we look around and realise that we have far too much ‘stuff’. We realise this because we’ve run out of space, and not everything has a place any more.

If you are at this point, you have 4 options:

1)   Do nothing and continue to live this way

2)  Declutter and get rid of things you don’t really need

3)  Maximise the storage that you have, or create new storage spaces

4)  Move to a bigger house and bring all that clutter with you!

I suggest that at this point you dismiss numbers 1 and 4, and work on numbers 2 and 3. The more decluttering you do, the less storage space you’ll need. If you want to tackle your clutter, here is a brilliant guide which will help you make decisions on whether to keep or get rid of things, as well as some really cool hidden storage ideas. There’s even a bit about loft conversions (although that will mean you’ll have to empty the loft first!)

The Space Savers Encyclopedia by Storage World.

I love the fact that removing clutter can save you 40% of time on your housework which equates to 1.7 years over a lifetime! Do you feel inspired now to declutter?

Hopefully you will have found some useful tips here to help you with this challenge. If you want to declutter but still hang on to things for a while, think about renting a small (or large!) secure storage unit such as Storage World in Manchester, or  Titan Storage in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Just remember, if you need help with any part of this process, the Time Fairy can help make it easier for you.

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