Making life easier for small business owners

Do you love or hate working for yourself?

Making life easier for small business owners

Being an owner of a small business is exciting, liberating and so rewarding. Generally such people work in a business that they enjoy, so many parts of it don’t even seem like work.

On the other hand, some aspects of working for yourself can be a chore and if you’re not careful, it can become stressful, demanding and lonely. There are things you do because there’s nobody else to do them for you, you don’t like them, but you know they are necessary to make your business succeed. Then there are those small businesses that have had to have large budget cuts, but still have to produce the same amount of work, but with less people to do it all.

Self-EmploymentI meet a lot of small business owners and sole traders, and am one myself of course, so I understand the challenges. Today I would like to share with you a few examples of things that a personal concierge, like the Time Fairy, can do for your business to help it become less stressful and remain fun.


Stressed business owner** Proofreading **  e.g. things like newsletters, brochures, policies, instructional materials, website content, blog posts, and more.

** Re-organising **  e.g. office space, cupboards, filing cabinets, storerooms, paperwork.

** Data input **  e.g. if your paperwork or admin is piling up and it becomes overwhelming, or setting up a contact management system (CMS) to keep track of clients and contacts.

** Writing/creating **  e.g. that newsletter you’ve been talking about starting, but keep putting off, or the policies and procedures that you need to write.

** De-cluttering **  e.g. maybe you have paperwork all in a big jumble, or the files on your computer are so disorganised that you can never find the ones you want.

** Stock-taking **  sometimes you need your stock or your equipment inventoried but nobody has the time.

magnifying glass ** Staff sickness **  if a member of staff is off sick for a few days or weeks, maybe there is something that I am able to do for you to help keep that person’s tasks from building up.

** Mystery shopping **  you might have an employee that you have concerns about, have an inkling that your staff come across as rude on the phone, or you simply wonder what goes on when you’re out of the office.


There are so many possible things and these are just some common ones that people have told me they hate doing, or that they don’t have the time or staff to be able to do, yet they want their business to be the best.

The beauty of the personal concierge service is that I can either help you out on a regular basis, to help you keep on top of things, or just a one-off when things get out of control, for example when you are really busy or short staffed. Also, I am very flexible in the tasks you can assign to me. It’s much cheaper and easier than hiring someone short term because you only pay for the time you need, and there are no additional costs or paperwork (taxes, pensions, recruitment, etc) because I am self-employed. It means that you can focus on the parts of the business that you enjoy and are best at, while I take care of the less fun aspects. personal concierge

So if you have anything you would rather someone else would do, then just ask me about it. Or if you find yourself in a pickle and need rescuing, give me a call, and maybe if you’re lucky, I might be available at short notice. Check out my testimonials, and learn a bit more about me on my website.

And good luck with your business – I hope it succeeds and flourishes and that you continue to enjoy it.

Ruth Lowe

Based in Southam, Warwickshire

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