How to prepare for Christmas easily and without stress

How to prepare for Christmas easily and without stress holly

So we’re getting closer and closer to Christmas. It always creeps up and before you know it, there are only a few days left. You still aren’t nearly ready for the big day and you get stressed, then panic, and the whole season becomes a drag.

The best way to avoid this is to be organised, and to start now. I find that making a list of everything you will need to do before Christmas will help a great deal to reduce stress and panic this season. It’s amazing how big this list can be, and you can take your time getting things done if you start earlier.

Santa is really lucky – he has a team of elves helping him get ready for Christmas all year round. Mind you he does have 2.2 billion children to deliver presents to! But don’t be jealous of Santa and his helpers – you don’t need elves. What you need is a Fairy! Have no fear because the Christmas Fairy is here…

I can help out with many different aspects of preparing for Christmas. If you always find you run out of time, then you need to book the Christmas Fairy before Christmas Eve sneaks up on you.

christmas-treeThere are two ways I can help:

Firstly, I can get stuff done for you.
Secondly, I can work alongside you to get stuff done quicker.

“What sort of stuff?” I hear you ask.
Pretty much anything you need doing!

Here are some examples:
Buying gifts
Researching great gift ideas for those ‘difficult to buy for’ people
Wrapping gifts
Creating you a personal checklist to help you get organised
Preparing a card mailing list or gift list
Christmas cards: write addresses, buy stamps, post them
Food shopping
Decorating your tree or home
Christmas party planning
Family newsletters
Getting the house up to mother-in-law standards!

Are you tempted? Well, if you are you will need to act fast because there’s only one Christmas Fairy around these parts of Warwickshire…

Choose your package and get in touch with me to book.

snowmanSnowman Package
7 hours for £125


SnowballSnowball Package
4 hours for £80


snowflakeSnowflake Package
2 hours for £50


The Time FairyRuth Lowe
Based in Southam, Warwickshire
Twitter: @UKTimeFairy

Terms and conditions:
Payment in full is due on booking.
Purchases made on your behalf (e.g. gifts) must be paid for in advance.
Additional fees may apply for locations outside a ten mile radius of Southam (Warwickshire)
(Ten mile radius includes Southam, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Daventry, Rugby)