Quick Tip #1: Splattered recipe books

Quick Tip #1: Splattered recipe books

Do your recipe books get covered in blobs of food when you’re cooking? Sometimes it’s from mixing ingredients rather enthusiastically, or it could be from a sizzling pan. Maybe you’re a really clumsy cook and spill ingredients everywhere!

Here is the perfect solution – it’s quick, simple and free…

Just hang the recipe book or papers on a trouser hanger from your cabinet door handle…like this:

Keep your recipe book clean!
Keep your recipe book clean!














As an added bonus, it frees up more space on your counter.

Of course it will only work if your recipe book is light enough. If you have a big fat heavy one, or if you use a tablet, you can easily get an inexpensive book stand, and a clear acrylic perspex sheet to place over the front to catch the mess (they are cheap and easy to get online). A clear plastic wallet will also do the trick on a small book or tablet, and the touch screen will still work.

Do you have any other tips for this? Or for anything else that saves time, money or stress?

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