Spring Cleaning – The Personal and Financial Benefits

Spring Cleaning –

The Personal and  Financial Benefits

So, the sun has been making an appearance over the past few days and spring is fast approaching. You’ve got to love this time of year, with all the new life bringing colour back to the country. Here in Warwickshire, we see snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses popping up in our gardens, and in the fields sweet little baby lambs are emerging.

This also might also make you think that it’s time to have a good spring clean of the house. It’s a lovely feeling to get everything fresh and clean, and even your finances could do with a dusting off at this time of year. But sometimes the thought of doing it is enough to send us back in the house to hibernate, just for a little bit longer. Well, there’s no need. Spring cleaning isn’t that hard! Have a look at the infographic below for a checklist, some useful tips, and some interesting facts around spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning checklist

Hopefully that has inspired you! See if you can get the whole family to help out by turning it into a game or a competition! If you have any tips for spring cleaning, please share them with us.

If you don’t have anyone willing to help, or don’t have time yourself, the Time Fairy can help you out. It’s always good to have an extra pair of hands, and even better to have someone do it all for you!

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