The mystery of cutlery drawer crumbs

The mystery of cutlery drawer crumbs

A cutlery drawer shouldn’t need cleaning often, in theory. But somehow it does…for some weird reason, there are always crumbs in there. How does this happen, when all you do is put clean cutlery in, and you keep the drawer closed? It’s a mystery, and one that I don’t have the answer to, though I do have a few theories.

Before I tell you my theories, here’s a short guide to a very quick job of cleaning out your cutlery drawer.

Step 1: Remove all cutlery and wash. If you have stubborn stains such as tea on your teaspoons, soak them in boiling water and washing powder for 15 minutes, then wash and rinse as usual – it works a treat!

Step 2: Remove the cutlery tray if you have one, and wash it – the top of a dishwasher does a great job if it’s dishwasher safe. Vacuum out any crumbs in the drawer, and clean with antibacterial spray.

Step 3: Once everything is dry, put it all back!

Well, that’s easy!

All clean!
All clean!









Crumbs Away Cutlery Tray
Crumbs Away Cutlery Tray





They do make cutlery trays that are designed to make this easier.

Looks like a good idea.





So on to my theories of those annoying crumbs that seem to appear from nowhere…

  • Crumbs get stuck on your sleeves and fall in when you open and close the drawer
  • Someone in the house is a messy sleepwalker who sleep-eats using the drawer as a plate
  • The toaster and bread come alive at night and party with the cutlery
  • The drawer has dandruff
  • Just like the sock fairy who steals odd socks, there is a crumb fairy who sprinkles crumbs when nobody is looking (she is definitely not related to the Time Fairy!)

I’m afraid that’s all I can come up with but somebody must know what really happens. If you have a theory please share! I would love this mystery solved.

The solution to cutlery drawer crumbs..?
The solution to cutlery drawer crumbs..?

P.S. There is a solution – maybe put a mouse in the drawer to keep it crumb-free..?

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