The weirdest requests for a personal concierge service

The weirdest requests for a personal concierge service

As a personal concierge, my job is very varied. Every day is different and always either challenging or fun. That’s what I love about it. Because of the range of services I can offer, people often ask me, “what is the weirdest request you’ve had?”

I’m afraid I have to disappoint on that one, because although I’ve had a few unexpected requests, I’ve never had anything strange, weird or bizarre. Perhaps it’s just that Warwickshire people are ‘normal’? I have a feeling it’s because I’ve just not been doing it long enough. Or maybe because I haven’t worked for the rich and famous yet.

So I thought that it might be fun to write about other personal concierges’ experiences – those who have been doing the job a lot longer than me. So here are my favourites:

Bathing in goat's milk
Bathing in goat’s milk
    • Producing toilet paper embossed with the client’s initials
    • A bath of warm Welsh goat’s milk
    • 500 white butterflies for a wedding
    • A scarf, similar to those that the late Yasser Arafat used to wear
    • Exhuming a buried hamster (that had died when the owners were on holiday) and moving it to the owners’ freezer
    • A man who asked for surprise flash mob singing Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ song in Times Square for his wife’s birthday
    • Filming the clients’ first child being born
    • Delivery of a patch of real grass to a hotel room for their pet to relieve itself without having to go outside
Happy birthday Bulldog!
Happy birthday Bulldog!
  • Hiring a hypnotist for helping the client lose weight, but before that, hiring a psychic to see if it would work
  • Organising a marriage proposal on top of the Great Wall of China
  • Planning a birthday party with a Parisian picnic theme…for a French bulldog
  • Installing a bat’s cave in a client’s house, with a secret door leading to it through the library
  • Keeping a special ‘healing mushroom’ alive by keeping it soaked in goats milk





There are certainly some odd requests there, and some people who know exactly what they want! If you were to make an odd request, what would it be?

Personally, I look forward to some unusual requests coming in. I like a challenge…although there are a few in the list above that I would probably not be too thrilled about!

So if you have something unusual that you would like made happen for you, do give me a call. I keep an open mind and am discreet and  non-judgemental, but please remember, it must be legal, moral and ethical! Perhaps it’s your birthday soon and you’ve always dreamed of bathing in warm goat’s milk. Or you’d like to surprise your child with a ride on a unicorn. You dream it, and I’ll see if I can make it come true!


Want to ride a unicorn?
Want to ride a unicorn?

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