Why I Got Rid of My Wardrobe

Why I Got Rid of My Wardrobe

Denaye starts by saying, “This spring I got rid of my entire wardrobe. I did it because I have been wearing yoga pants as clothes for far longer than I like to admit–even before I had a baby. On a daily basis I actually have a delusion that I am going to do yoga. Due to the lack of actual exercise happening in this fitness gear, my husband has been begging asking me to treat myself to new clothes for quite some time.”wardrobe after

After the change, she said, “I don’t want to spend a lot of time dealing with clothes everyday, but I also don’t want to live in yoga gear. I can say that changing my wardrobe has changed my outlook on life. It has helped my confidence and attitude about how less really is more.”

Anyway, here is the link to her blog, detailing how to do it and the experience of the whole process.

Why I Got Rid of My Wardrobe

Please read it – it’s so inspiring. If you decide to have a go, please share your experience. If you already have a capsule wardrobe, please share your tips with us.


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