What do your kids want the most?

What do your kids want the most?

A few years ago, Unicef published a report saying that British children are some of the unhappiest children in the developed world. According to the report, children only really want three things, none of which you can buy:

  1. Increased time out of doors
  2. More creative and sports activities
  3. And – top of the list – more time with the people they love.

So forget about working extra hours to be able to buy them the latest game or phone… Shake off the stress of worrying about saving up for an expensive trip to a theme park… Release the guilt…

The Time Fairy - Children value your Time

because they would much rather be just having quality time with you. Wouldn’t you like this better too?

And this means quality time, not checking your phone every few minutes, or sitting the kids in front of the TV. They want you to enter their fascinating world where imagination has no limits. Get down on their level, be a kid yourself again. Follow their lead, their rules, their creativity. You might be surprised how much fun yoThe Time Fairy - Kids Love Timeu have.

Remember too that they grow up so fast. Think back to your own childhood – what memories do you recall? Do you want their childhood memories to be of how you never used to listen or want to play with them? Or would you like them to remember all the fun you had together?

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Here’s the link to a nice summary of the Unicef research if it sparks your interest.

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