What Not to Do When Decluttering – 5 top tips

A guest blog from Holly Herbert at webuyanyhouse.co.uk

If you’re wondering ‘how can I sell my house fast?’ then decluttering can help you work towards getting your property on the market quickly- as having a property that offers the appearance of well cared for is appealing to prospective buyers. Decluttering can simplify your life in many ways, as is an effective way to feel better about your property, and within yourself mentally and physically. However, the approach we sometimes undertake to decluttering makes our lives harder than it needs to be. If you want to declutter with success as the end goal, we’ve comprised a list of top tips to help you declutter peacefully and efficiently.

Tip 1- Slow Down! It’s Not a Race

There’s a common error to decluttering that all rookies will know- that you start a task, let the hours pass, achieve minimum progress, and then wonder why you even bothered in the first place. The first tip is that when it comes to decluttering, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Meticulously plan to declutter area by area, considering your attention span and tolerance to mess. If it’s your first-time decluttering, start small. Trying to do the whole house in one day is likely to result in feelings of frustration, leaving you overwhelmed and wanting to give up. Start with the less challenging tasks and work your way up.

Tip 2- It’s Not a One Time Job

Your whole approach to decluttering will 100% affect the outcome. Most properties end up in a cluttered state due to lack of maintenance. The fact that decluttering is not a one-time job is frustrating, but it is also vital if you want to keep your house in order. Each time you declutter your house will become refilled with clutter and random objects- its normal! Understanding that your property will need regular clutter maintenance is a big mental step- and setting up rhythms and routines to keep your clutter at bay will be super beneficial in the long run.

Tip 3- Pick Your Moment

Decluttering can be stressful at the best of times- even if you start it in a particularly good mood. The tedious actions of cleaning, organising and being surrounded by general mess can infuriate the best of us. Perhaps the best way to avoid stressing yourself out further than necessary is to pick a good time to start- preferably when you’re not in an emotional state.

Tip 4- Keeping Things ‘Just in Case’

The worst thing you could do to yourself after a long day of decluttering, is to realise you have kept hold of half of the clutter. Refusing to let go of things in the house is an extremely limiting way to truly declutter, and if you find yourself putting things back from where they came, you’re setting yourself up for more work.

Tip 5- Clutter Is Okay

Not having the perfectly decluttered and organised property 100% of the time is okay. Decluttering is great, but it’s a process that is unique to your property. Remove the expectation that you and your home don’t have to be perfect al of the time- and don’t let the idea of perfection be an excuse for procrastination either.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be laborious and tedious. Mindset and approach are key when approaching a big project- and that includes decluttering! Your property is a reflection of you as an individual, and whatever works best for you- works best for you. Following these tips are useful, as they can be tailored specifically to your property and your desired outcome.

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